The First Open, Digital
Evidence Management Ecosystem

Improve Digital Evidence Management with the Evidencentral Marketplace

Police Departments and Criminal Justice partners are sitting on mountains of evidence, but the proprietary and siloed nature of this data makes it difficult to leverage it to its full potential.

Evidencentral Marketplace is the first open, digital evidence management ecosystem of technology vendors designed to make it simpler and faster for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies to bring evidence together, to accelerate case building, unearth hidden evidence and address evidence disclosure challenges.

Through the Evidencentral Marketplace, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies gain access to a wide variety of technology solutions critical to the investigation process, all pre-certified to work with Evidencentral – NICE’s end-to-end digital transformation platform, which includes the NICE Investigate and NICE Inform solutions.

Do More with Less

Eliminates silos – investigators can do all their work (evidence collection, analysis, sharing) with one login and in one system

Innovative, Open Choices

Save time in technology selection by leveraging best-of-breed solutions that all work together with NICE Investigate to automate the investigation process, accelerate charging decisions and eliminate disclosure issues

Accelerate Time to Value

Be confident, accelerate implementation and lower costs – all solutions are pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-certified to work with NICE Investigate

Marketplace Solution Categories

  • RMS (Records Management Systems)
  • CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)
  • Body Worn Video
  • CCTV
  • Interview Room Recording
  • Crime Scene Media
  • 911 Audio Recording
  • Forensic Analytics
  • Video Management and Analytics
  • Court Case Management
  • Real Time Intelligence
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